12th Annual:

12 Days of Christmas

On The Island of Misfit Toys (boys)
December 11th, 2010

2010 Amount Raised


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2010 Beneficiaries

Hearing From The Heart
Silent Witness Peacekeepers Alliance
The Center In Asbury Park
The Audrey Herman SPOTLIGHTERS has been a part of the Baltimore Theatre Community since 1962. Originally created as part of Mayor Grady’s StageCrafters’ Project within the Parks and Recreation Department in 1958, SPOTLIGHTERS was born when the program ended in 1962.For more than 37 years the theatre flourished under the leadership and artistic vision of Audrey Herman. Ms. Herman’s program of presenting a new show every month allowed for a wide variety of productions and many opportunities for directors, designers and actors to experience SPOTLIGHTERS’ intimate setting.
Following Audrey’s death in 1999, the theatre began its transition into a Maryland Public Charity, a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Today, SPOTLIGHTERS Theatre seeks to continue Audrey’s vision of providing a variety of quality theatre and many opportunities for new artists to develop and refine their skills. SPOTLIGHTERS also continues to offer opportunities to new directors, designers and actors to test their skills in our intimate space.
Plans are being developed for future renovations that will include making the theatre accessible to all by installation of a wheelchair lift and upgrades to the theatre restrooms.

Dedications & Awards

Each year, 12 Days of Christmas is dedicated to member(s) of our community. In addition to this a community service award is given to those who have shown amazing community service over the years.

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The 12th Annual 12 Days of Memories


Thank you to all of those that make what we do possible.