1st Annual:

12 Days of Christmas

Beginning of Tradition
December ??, 1999

1999 Amount Raised


Total Raised: $??

$?? went to each beneficiary

1999 Beneficiaries


(AAB) is dedicated to providing patient services support and policy planning, education and prevention services, research advocacy and treatment access to people with HIV and HCV in Baltimore, in Maryland and across the nation. AAB provides support, advocacy and develops policy and support programs with local and national government, industry and academia for people with HIV and HCV without regard to age, sex, race, gender ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation.

Dedications & Awards

Each year, 12 Days of Christmas is dedicated to member(s) of our community. In addition to this a community service award is given to those who have shown amazing community service over the years.

Dedicated To The Pulse 49: We Are Orlando

Community Service Award To

The 1st Annual 12 Days of Memories


Thank you to all of those that make what we do possible.