17th Annual:

12 Days of Christmas

Ease On Down The Road
December 12th, 2015

2015 Amount Raised


Total Raised: $13,440.00

$3,360.00 went to each beneficiary

2015 Beneficiaries

AIDS Action Baltimore

(AAB) is dedicated to providing patient services support and policy planning, education and prevention services, research advocacy and treatment access to people with HIV and HCV in Baltimore, in Maryland and across the nation. AAB provides support, advocacy and develops policy and support programs with local and national government, industry and academia for people with HIV and HCV without regard to age, sex, race, gender ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation.

IMsL Foundation

The History Project

The International Ms Leather (IMsL) Foundation was established in 2014 and is a 501(c)3 to support the development of sex-positive communities, provide education on alternative sexuality and sexual freedom, and enable leaders to articulate the values, goals and visions of their diverse communities.

The organization will provide forums for education and awareness that will empower our community and establish a network for further leadership development. The Foundation is a California state nonprofit corporation that is an educational foundation that will provide support to community leaders (including those selected through the International Ms Leather competition), provide quality education on a national and international level, and develop the capability to catalogue, gather and archive leather history.


Lady Lisa Drag Stage

GLCCB Baltimore Pride 2016

The mission of the GLCCB is to be a catalyst for uniting and empowering sexual and gender minorities in Baltimore and Maryland, and to advocate for a better quality of life for the entire community.

The Lady Lisa Drag Stage (LLDS) has been an integral part of the Pride festival for many years. The stage got its name from a wonderful person who decided to battle fate to keep this tradition alive—Miss Club Phoenix 2005, Lady Lisa.

Lady Lisa (born Alicia Wright) was a biological self-identified heterosexual female. An ally of the LGBTQ commu­nity, she was a longtime volunteer for the GLCCB’s Pride events and support­ed many other LGBT events and functions.

After funding was cut for this performance outlet, Lady Lisa took it upon herself to keep it going. Sadly, on September 10, 2010, we unexpectedly lost this ally to a massive heart attack, just a few short months after undertaking the task of raising funds and producing the Drag Stage at Pride in 2010.


Dog Rescue of Maryland

Dog Rescue of Maryland is an organization which rescues dogs who need some time to find their forever home. These dogs may simply have run out of time at shelter, or the owners simply did not want them any more. Either way, we provide a safe place for them while they await a permanent home. We are a small rescue looking to expand in time. Accepting all types of breeds and mix breed dogs from shelters. We love mutts!

Dog Rescue of Maryland, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is dedicated to saving abused and unwanted dogs in central Maryland.


Dedications & Awards

Each year, 12 Days of Christmas is dedicated to member(s) of our community. In addition to this a community service award is given to those who have shown amazing community service over the years.

Dedicated To Timothy Snider

Dedicated To Debbie Jones

Dedicated To Susan Weinstein

Community Service Award To Mary Taylor

The 17th Annual 12 Days of Memories


Thank you to all of those that make what we do possible.