Hooker & Boys was formed by a group of close friends and Leather titleholders who united in 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland, to raise funds for charity as part of their Drummer Titleholder responsibilities. As a result of this event (The 12 Days of Christmas), Hooker & Boys became established as a community-based invitation-only Leather Club.

Our goal is to serve the GLLBTSQ communities through fund-raising, support, and service. Since 1999, we have produced the annual 12 Days of Christmas fundraiser, Maryland Drummer and Drummerboy (2000-2001), Maryland LeatherSIR and Leatherboy (2002-2006), Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack (2008-present), and Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and Leather Woman (2009-present) contests.

As a result of producing these contests, Chesapeake Leather Awareness Pride (C.L.A.P.) was created in 2009 to raise awareness of and to celebrate our Leather lifestyle.   C.L.A.P. is a weekend of charity events surrounding the contests, organized in collaboration with other Leather Clubs and organizations in the region.

We are proud to support numerous events, clubs, and organizations throughout the  communities. We choose to show our Love through our actions. You can see that we Love our Communities very much! Thank YOU for supporting us and our work.

Serving the Communities,
Hooker & Boys