CLAP 2012

CLAP 2012

2012 Mid Atlantic Leather Family

  • Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR 2012 – Edward Woodward
  • Mid-Atlantic Leatherboy 2012 – Boy John
  • Mid-Atlantic LeatherWoman 2012 – Toni Solenne
  • Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack 2012 – Raquel Locks

2012 Judging Panel & Staff

Judging Panel for Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR/ Leatherboy / LeatherWoman  2012

  • Sir Alexander Satorie-Robinson, Mr. DC Drummer 2000.
  • Anthoney Pavelich, Mid-Atlantic leatherboy 2010.
  • Scott “Coyote”, 2002 Northeast Leather Sir.
  • Hobbit, International Ms. Leather 2008, Washington State Ms Leather 1996.
  • jezebel Cavannarro
  • John Harris, Mr DC Eagle 2009.
  • Val, International Ms. Deaf Leather 2010-2011, Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2010, Ms. Baltimore Leather Association of the Deaf 2010.

Judging Panel for Mid Atlantic Community Bootblack 2011

  • Boy Andersen, Mid- Atlantic Community Bootblack 2010.
  • Khiki Cavannaro, the first Ms. Atlanta Eagle, Ms. Georgia Leather 1996, and International Master 1999.
  • Margaret, SouthEast Bootblack 2009 and 2010.

Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack Contestant Coordinator

  • Henry James, International Community Bootblack 2006, Southwest Bootblack 2006
  • David “Pug” Spellman, Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack 2008

Tally for the Contest

  • Sir Andy Chmielowski-Liu, Mr. SECC Leather 2012, Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR 2008.


  • Boy Ky, President, DC boys of Leather
  • Shawnna Alexander, Queen of Comedy
  • Deb Jones, ASL Interpreting

Stage Manager

  • Michele “Buz” Smith, Ms Baltimore Eagle 1999

Judges boy

  • boy joe chmielowski-liu, Mr. Maryland Leather 2012.

Silent Auction

  • boy matthew, boy frankie, and boy colin


Friday, March 23, 2012

C.O.M.M.A.N.D. M.C. presents
Official Meet and Greet
at Leon’s Triple L
9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hooker and Boys presents
2012 Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR/Leatherboy
Leather Woman and Community Bootblack Contest
at Club Hippo, 1 West Eager Street, Baltimore
1:00 p.m.
Tickets: $20.00

Sir John Krikorian and the
2011 Mid-Atlantic Leather Family presents
Last Hoorah and 2012 Victory Dinner
at The Maritime Institute, 692 Maritime Boulevard,
Linthicum, MD 21090

***All You Can Eat Dinner Buffet***
***Happy Hour Bar Prices***
***Boot Blacks***
Tickets: $27.00 per person.
Advance ticket sales ONLY. Purchase tickets here via PayPal.
All proceeds will go to the travel fund.

All-Clubs Victory Celebration
for the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Leather Family
hosted by Mr. SECC Leather 2012, Sir Andy and Mr. Maryland Leather 2012, boy joe
Baltimore Eagle
10 pm to 2 am
All proceeds to benefit AIDS Action Baltimore.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

ShipMates of Baltimore, F.I.S.T. Women present
Kinky Karnival
at the Playhouse
1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tickets: $5.00



The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute is offering a rate of $60.00 per night for overnight rooms — so book for the whole weekend or for the night!! Full Breakfast in the AM for $10.00 more per person.

Please contact Sir John Krikorian if you wish to make a reservation. Leave a call back number, arrive and departure dates and number of people. He will call you back to get the rest of the information.

Free shuttle to BWI Airport and Baltimore Light Rail (which goes right by Leon’s and close to the Hippo).

2012 Mid-Atlantic Contest Judges

Judges: Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack Contest

Boy Andersen is the Mid- Atlantic Community Bootblack 2010. When not lusting after certain leathermen, he is stalking burlesque troupes in New Jersey and New York. Someday she hopes to acquire the “Boots of Running Faster than You”… at least before the zombie apocalypse.

Khiki Cavannaro (Mama’s Ms Kinki) has been out and active in the Leather Community for over 20 years. She was the first Ms. Atlanta Eagle, Ms. Georgia Leather 1996, and International Master 1999. She is currently the Media Maven for the Carter/Johnson Leather Library and co-founder of The Call To Serve, a moveable/ traveling educational endeavor, with her slave, jezebel. She is also an Associate/supporter of several Leather Clubs, including the Panthers L/L and the Boot Black Brigade. Khiki recently moved back to HotDamnedLanta GA, her adopted hometown, and it is just as hot in every way as ever!

Margaret is a spirited redhead. Originally from south Louisiana, she now calls Baltimore home with her Daddy, Butch Lee and her Sir, Buz. While living in the Southeast, she proudly held the title of SouthEast Bootblack 2009 and 2010. Margaret is a current FIST pledge, on staff for 12 Days, and the bootblack program coordinator for Southeast Leatherfest. She is Santa’s helper, Mama’s Little Redhead and Hooker’s Sweet Bitch. Margaret is excited to be judging the Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack Contest.

Judges: Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR/Leatherboy/Leather Woman Contests

Sir Alexander Satorie-Robinson is a human rights activist and educator. Sir Alexander is a non-profit executive with over 3 decades of service to LGBT and AIDS causes. A former President of Highwaymen TNT, Sir Alexander was Mr. DC Drummer 2000. Married to Greg Satorie-Robinson in 2008, boy ky and Mr. J are also in his service.

Anthoney Pavelich was honored to be Mid-Atlantic leatherboy 2010. He is collared and married to his Daddy, Matthew Pavelich. His history includes being a founding member of W.O.O.L.F., first Mr. Kansas Leather in 2003 and publishing Midwest Bound, a fetish magazine in the Midwest from 2003-2006. He continues to strive to connect kinky folks in recovery with the lifestyle. Currently he is learning French and starting his own business in his new home of Toronto, Ontario.

Scott “Coyote” – 2002 Northeast Leather Sir.

Coyote has been Den Daddy to the Mr. / Ms. NJ Leather contest for a few years before producing NE LeatherSir/boy in 2006.  An accomplished homoerotic artist – he has shown in NYC, Chicago and San Francisco, done numerous logos for various busnesses (from a local gym to club runs and a NYC based leather club). Currently living in Jersey City (originally from Penna),  Scott is proud to be a member of leather and contest community and glad to call call his fellow leather folk friends and family. He is also a cancer survivor.

Hobbit – International Ms Leather 2008, Washington State Ms Leather 1996.

I have been active in the leather community and doing SM since I graduated from college in 1990.  I have judged uncountable contests….blah blah blah.

I’m perky, bubbley, bouncy, I have big muscles, I always flag on the right, I’m a slut and I love to play.

jezebel Cavannarro (Mama’s slave tink) has been out and involved in pan M/s community for about 10 years, and has been active in the Leather community for the past 3. She spends most of her free time doing graphic and design work such as websites, program guides, ads, logos, and other design for community events, organizations and businesses. Her favorite job/project is being The Carter/Johnson Leather Library’s Genie. jezebel lives in Atlanta, GA with her Master/Owner, Khiki Cavannarro and their pets.

John Harris, Mr DC Eagle 2009. Placed in top 20 with Hooker at 2009 IML. Baltimore is my hometown. I’ve been in the Leather Life for past 9 yrs. Partnered to a great man, Fernando. I have attended many MAL & IML events over the yrs. I’ve been known to hang out at the Chicago Hellfire Club when visiting Chicago and enjoyed Inferno a few summers ago. Now, I’m officially a Wazzy. Currently am enjoying participating in judging and tallying for contests and supporting the leather community. However, I’m currently challenged with balancing my demanding career, life with my partner and my 2 teenage kids. Thank You for inviting me to judge such this great contest and giving me another “A-List” moment for my life on the Leather D-List.

Val was born in Danville, VA, but grew up in Wilmington, DE. She became a Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf judge until 2009 and was voted Miss Congeniality 2001 as second runner up in a RAD pageant in Seattle, WA.  In addition to actively serving at the 2010 International Deaf Leather Conference as a woman coordinator, Val won the title of International Ms. Deaf Leather 2010-2011, Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2010, and Ms. Baltimore Leather Association of the Deaf 2010. Val currently serves as president of Baltimore Leather Association of the Deaf. Val characterizes herself as someone who is motivated in learning, grasping more knowledge and experiences to better herself as an individual.

Tally:   Sir Andy Chmielowski-Liu
Mr. SECC Leather 2012, Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR 2008, Mama’s Chinese Gentleman, Full Member – Hooker & Boys, Pantheon of Leather Mid-Atlantic Regional Award 2010.

Born in Taiwan, raised in NY, and having lived in NJ & PA; Sir Andy and boy joe are proud to call Baltimore, MD, home and to be part of the Mid-Atlantic Region’s vibrant Leather Community.

Sir Andy is humbled and proud to serve as Tally for the 2012 Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR / Leatherboy / Leather Woman / Community Bootblack Contests!!

Judges’ boy:   boy joe chmielowski-liu
Mr. Maryland Leather 2012.

In late 2011 boy joe furthered his Journey by being sashed Mr. Maryland Leather 2012 by an esteemed panel of Judges. boy joe resides in Baltimore, MD with his Sir and is thrilled to be part of the Leather Community in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

boy joe is humbled and proud to serve as Judges’ boy for the 2012 Mid-Atlantic LeatherSIR / Leatherboy / Leather Woman / Community Bootblack Contests!!